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Endless preview
Endless is a plugin in development stages which replaces normal pagination with an infinite scrolling concept, based on Flarum's one except it is packed with small modifications which make it completely compatibile with the latest MyBB versions.

[Image: 0kGO7wR.gif]

Main features


Endless is designed to replace MyBB pagination of both threads and forums with an infinite scrolling pagination, but it is capable of transforming whatever custom paginated list into an endless scrolling experience. For example, MyBBoost's newsfeed homepage has Endless support with just a few lines of server-side code.

Endless automatically parses lists of valid data in the DOM and sends AJAX requests with a range of items to get from the backend, while displaying a temporary placeholder while the data is being fetched. All you need to do is write down a function which accepts and handles Endless-generated data, gets the requested items and returns them in a standardized fashion. Definitely easier to do than to understand. Detailed instructions will be at your disposal once the plugin will be released.


Citing @'Clark Richard':

QuoteWhat's good about regular pagination is being able to quickly jump through the pages, with infinite scroll I'd have to keep scrolling to get to the last reply. Infinite scrolling looks a lot better than regular pagination but I think its functionality will get tedious, that's unless you've made a workaround for this.

The workaround comes directly from Flarum's inspiration. Endless includes a scrubber, a small draggable item added automatically by the plugin which you can use to quickly jump between posts and threads in the currently viewed discussion/forum. The scrubber position is updated automatically as you scroll, so you always know what's left to read; and you can both drag and drop the scrubber or click a specific point within it to be launched directly to the range of posts you wish to see.

Automatic detection or manual triggering

You can tell Endless to automatically detect user's scrolling and show items, or you can set up manual buttons users will need to push in order to load further posts/threads, in both upwards and downwards direction.

Live posts

Since Endless already works using asynchronous requests, it may be possible to get posts which have been written after you have opened a thread. I am still unsure if this is feasible and worthy though.


MyBBoost is packed with the currently-in-development version of Endless. You can browse any thread or forum and scroll down or up to load new content automatically, or click on "Load more"-like buttons.


Endless will be available once its ready. I am still uncertain if it will be available for free or not, given I will need to talk with Flarum's author to discuss about licensing.
Nice, anyway it seems to have a bug with post counter:

Click on the "original post" -> it shows wrong number 2 of 17 and then 3 of 17

Next one - post counter should be updated on post send if it is possible

Anyway it is great, there will be sites where it will be really useful
That's the expected behavior. You can see the 3rd post, so the scrubber correctly displays 3.
Now I get it, sorry Emoji Smiley-02
Personally I wouldn't worry about licensing. Endless is created uniquely for MyBB, with the early inspiration coming from Flarum's scrubber. Other implementations of a scrubber certainly exist. https://meta.discourse.org for one.
I have updated Endless with a more precise scrubber. It's likely I will start testing it on a stock MyBB version soon and it will be then released as beta to Gold subscribers.
Now when you use the scrubber to jump to a specific post, this is highlighted. Also, quick reply should now work without reloading the page when a number of posts multiple of the per-page amount is reached.
This is incredible. So fast and smooth.
Added live url updating to posts.
Alright, the last update should have stabilized a lot the plugin. It's time to get this packed up as an exportable plugin and test it on a stock MyBB board.