2 Nov 2019 Edited #1

DVZ Mentions does not trigger Hover Card?

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I noticed that when you hover over a DVZ Mentions username on your forum, the hover card pops up...it doesn't on my forum. Also when I add a username for DVZ Mentions, I don't get the suggested list as I type like it does here. Is that something custom or is my install messed up?


Here is a link on my forum with some mentions...

Shade 2 Nov 2019
Most plugins are compatible because Hovercards alters the core and adds its own syntax to each link:

This is necessary as it then queries for all uids it can find on the page at once. Links without a data-uid attribute will not trigger Hovercards.

DVZ Mentions uses its own functions to format usernames, so you will need to alter the plugin as follows. Replace this line (click here) with:

$html = $prefix . '<a ' . $attributesHtml . ' data-uid="' . (int) $user['uid'] . '">' . $username . '</a>';
As for the special mention picker you see here, it's a custom function. I believed I shared it in the past, but I can't find the post and as I don't remember how complex the edit was I cannot share it again at the moment.
RocketFoot 2 Nov 2019
That did the trick! Thanks again Shade! If you happen to find that link to the name picker, post it up! That is a super cool detail for any forum!