30 Jan 2019 #1

DropZone installed, not inserting files in post

Regular user
Hi, i installed DropZone plugin, i see the upload form and uploading files works fine, but inserting files in post - can't get it.
Shade 30 Jan 2019
Hi, this is not yet an implemented feature. It has been already requested here: Inline insertion of attachments. The plugin will be updated as soon as I manage to finish the other in-dev projects, mainly BankPipe beta 10.
marto 30 Jan 2019
So you mean, that it only uploads files as attachment? I think in plugin demo it inserts images in post.
Shade 30 Jan 2019
Yes, images posted to Imgur, if the option is enabled, are inserted automatically into posts without being uploaded to your server. Other attachment types are uploaded to your server. Not sure what demo are you referring to, currently there’s no demo available for MyDropzone.
marto 30 Jan 2019
Well. I use server side uploading, and would like to be able to insert uploaded images in posts. That's why i bought the plugin. So, i understand now that it's not possible in the current version, and will be added to new one? Is there any roadmap? I really need this option. Thanks.
Shade 30 Jan 2019
Yes, an update is planned with the ability to add insert any attachment into posts, not only images; however, other projects currently have higher priority and I can’t give a time estimate.
marto 30 Jan 2019
Ok. Cross fingers to get it soon :) Thanks.