26 Jul 2016 #1

Download Source?

Advanced subscriber
Hey, was looking for an up to date download file of this. Although i found this recently at the MyBB forums, the plugin itself was abit buggy, like the alert options in UserCP had no 'language', just blank squares to check.
Shade 26 Jul 2016 Edited
I will post Moderation Alerts Pack 3.0 in some days. I'm still busy with my exams unfortunately :( In the meantime, you can find it on my GitHub ;)
Brenda 21 Aug 2016
Let me know about any update, also there is nothing i can find on github about this.
Shade 21 Aug 2016
Eldenroot 21 Aug 2016
Unfortunately it is not working correctly - it shows error on some actions
Shade 21 Aug 2016
I never had the time to release version 3.0 so something is broken for sure, would be awesome if you could list the broken actions so I can fix them in the future.
Eldenroot 21 Aug 2016
I know that there was an error when you wanted to move/copy/close a thread (mod)