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Double purchases

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Hi Shade,
3 times now since beta 8, I have had members say that once they clicked continue in the cart, the popup was blank for over a minute and then said transaction was canceled so they tried again and got the same result. However, I received double payments from Paypal! I thought it was a Paypal issue at first but now that 3 people have mentioned it I think it may be another issue on the Bankpipe side? My payment history shows double purchases as well...

Here is a description from the last member:
"When I hit the "continue" after entering cc info, name, address, email, etc. I ended up with a blank pop up. I waited several minutes and then closed it out. I then got a pop up message saying that I cancelled the transaction. So I added to cart a second time and received a second blank pop up after hitting continue. A light bulb lit up in my head (dim one), so I checked my email and found a confirmation of order email. So I guess one of them went through. Oops, hopefully not twice."
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Shade 28 Nov 2019
The only way to see if it’s a BankPipe error or a temporary issue with PayPal is to have a look at the error.log file. That file holds eventual errors generated by code mistakes.
Shade 28 Nov 2019
On a sidenote, purchases I got here went through as normal with PayPal.
RocketFoot 28 Nov 2019
How do I access the error file?
Shade 28 Nov 2019
It’s in your forum root folder.
RocketFoot 28 Nov 2019
Found it...there is a ton of bankpipe stuff in there...should I post it or PM it to you?
Shade 28 Nov 2019
Pm or Discord is fine, thanks.
RocketFoot 28 Nov 2019
I grabbed a chunk of it and sent in discord
Shade 28 Nov 2019
Thanks for reporting. This is an issue affecting all prior betas and related to the notification method set to "email" rather than "pm". A temporary fix: line 19 of bankpipe/Notifications/Handler.php, find:

Replace with:

This will be included in the upcoming beta 9.
RocketFoot 28 Nov 2019
Thanks! I made the edit and will report back after the next purchase!