10 Jun Edited #1

Don't allow to download paid attachment from specific forum

Ultimate subscriber
As per plugin setting, we can give permission to usergroups by tick mark option under bank pipe menu for "Can download paid attachment without purchasing."

My question is that Is it possible that specific usergroups can not able to download attachment without purchase FROM SPECIFIC FORUMS (I.e 1,56,67,75,etc...) even ticked for "Can download paid attachment without purchasing." for that usergroups????

If I am not wrong, this feature is working in your mybboost website, HERE Advance subscribers are NOT able to download bankpipe plugin without purchase BUT Ultimate Subscribers are able to download bank pipeplugin without purchase.

Hope you understand.
Thank you.
Dr.Jeet 13 Jun
Shade, if there is setting, please tell where to do it?
Thank you.
Shade 13 Jun
Sorry, I missed this. You can set custom usergroup permissions for each forum. Just untick the "Can download paid attachments without purchasing?" setting for those usergroups you don't want to download items in specific forums.
Dr.Jeet 13 Jun
Got it under user permission in specific forums.
Great features.