Does not work with Rin Editor

2 Jul
This issue is marked as solved
Works super under standard editor, but with rin editor it does keep all files cached and is not putting them in posts where I want to.
Shade 14 Jul Edited
Rin Editor is a third party plugin. Unfortunately, supporting third party plugins is something I do not usually provide, as it's too hard to keep track of changes. Besides, it should be its developer responsibility to adapt it and make it seamless to "talk" to its interface from other plugins, not mine. I'm sorry but I can't fulfill this request.
Jopie 28 Jul
No problem I solved it by giving RC Editor a new look ;)
Downloaded this and implemented.

I would like to show you the result, but no attachments allowed.
Shade 28 Jul
SCEditor is MyBB's default editor, which is compatible with MyDropzone.
Jopie 29 Jul
yes and it is better customizable with the new version here
Far better looking then the standard colorful sceditor
Shade 29 Jul
AFAIK, MyBB uses the latest version, just a different theme.
Jopie 30 Jul
Well it should be great if they used the more modern themes then.
The ones used now are so outdated.