29 Nov 2019 #1

Discount Code Expiration Date Not Working

Ultimate subscriber
Shade, I think I found another minor bug...when I select an expiration date for a discount code, is reverts back to zero when I save it.
Shade 29 Nov 2019
Doesn't seem so for me. Possibly, this is due to a different date format: what are you using? (Settings > Date and Time Formats > Date format)
RocketFoot 29 Nov 2019
I'm using m-d-y
Shade 29 Nov 2019
Guess what, I missed the Discounts feature when adapting date format, so right now it's stuck with the usual format day-month-year instead of USA-style date format, while the backend processing correctly adapts to your board's date format. Thanks for reporting.

For a temporary fix, edit the date generated by the picker manually by swapping days with months (eg.: 19/12/2019 becomes 12/19/2019).
RocketFoot 29 Nov 2019
Ok, that seemed to work, I swapped the date to 11/30/2019 and saved it. Opened it up to check and it reverted back to 30/11/2019 in the date field. Before, it changed back to zero every time.