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Discord only registration

RustySpoons Regular user 2 May
I have setup everything described in the documentation, but when I click register, (with registrations turned off) it just says "Registrations are disabled" when its turned on, it gives the user the choice to use the normal mybb registration form.

When I click "Login with discord" it does nothing?
I have setup the appropriate discord application etc, but doesn't seem to work how I thought it was going to.

"One click registration" does nothing either.... Please help
Shade Administrator 2 May
Hi, please turn off one-click registration, as in the current version the option is faulty. Have you already activated the option named "continuous operational state"? It is required for Flyover to work with MyBB registrations disabled.

You can also reach me on Discord: Shade#7731
RustySpoons Regular user 2 May
Hi shade, I have added you on discord just now.

I will reinstall plugin, and try with your fixs.
Shade Administrator 2 May
There's no need to reinstall the plugin, just change the settings :)
RustySpoons Regular user 2 May
I have turned off on-click registration, continous operation state is on and mybb registrations disabled, but it still doesn't do anything, i dont see an option to "Register with discord"
Shade Administrator 2 May
After a brief conversation on Discord, it turned out to be a problem of settings. RustySpoons was using MyBB's "Force login" which is impossible to bypass other than applying a core edit, while Flyover can bypass "Disable registrations" option.
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