26 Apr 2019 Edited #1

Discord login problem: [the website] can't handle the request at this moment.

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I set Flyover up exacly the way it was described in the documentation. (Using the ID and token and I also created that OAuth2 thingy with the correct redirect URI that is mentioned in the Flyover configuration).
But when I test it and click on 'Authorise' after loggin in with discord I get an error from chrome saying that the website can't handle the request at this moment.
I have absolutely no idea what I could do to fix this, so im asking here.
Thanks for any help ;)

Its working if you use a discord account thats email is already registered on the forum. So the button is only working as a login but not as a register.

Edit #2:
I disabled One-click registration and its working :) -> Problem solved, use this if you have the same issue. The option can be found in acp -> configuration -> Flyover -> Settings
Shade 26 Apr 2019
Hi, thanks for reaching out. This has indeed been reported multiple times and a fix is on the way. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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