Delete Messages Problem

4 Oct Edited
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Hello, although I select the messages, they are not deleted when I press the button. (Even in default theme)
In my other theme, check boxes appear to be open beforehand. (I know this is a thematic problem, but I wonder why. Because the templates are the same and correct.)
And there is no page number or scroll lock.
What could be the reason for this?

Shade 6 Oct
Hi, sorry I am currently on a hike trip with limited access to internet and no laptop. I will be back on 15/10. Sorry for the inconvenience.
serhatakgl 8 Oct
Hi, have fun.
Shade 15 Oct
Message deletion works correctly if you don't have any JavaScript conflict. Check your JS errors in your browser console and fix them.

If you are unsure, I can have a look if you provide me a temp admin account and your board URL.
serhatakgl 16 Oct
Hi. I sent you admin account and my board URL. Can you look it? Thank you.
Shade 16 Oct
Your theme is missing the templates variable, introduced in a recent upgrade. Read

Also, your checkboxes appear even in resting state because your theme has a CSS rule (input[type="checkbox"]) after the .hidden class in general.css, which overwrites the .hidden properties. I suggest you to move the hidden class to the end of your general.css stylesheet.
serhatakgl 16 Oct
Thank you Shade. It worked!