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Default data

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Hi Shade
When I setup MyBB I deleted the default profile fields and setup those important to our requirements. That said that data is not typical. What data can I import from a Flyover registration? I'd really like birthday, email as example. How do I do that?
Shade 5 Apr
The list of data points available is here: Flyover documentation. Not all providers use all of those. It's noteworthy to mention that most big providers such as Facebook have started restricting access to personal information in strive for privacy; you can still request them, but you will have to go through validation on their developer websites before requesting access. As an example you can read How to configure (the late part about scopes).

You can still fill your custom profile fields with Flyover's data by assigning them in Flyover's settings. With the latest update you can also customize CPF on a per-provider basis in each provider's settings page.

The email is known to be problematic at the moment due to some incompatible naming within the plugin, if you ask, so I'd advise against using it for now. Other data points are synchronized just fine.
Awesome thanks.