10 Oct 2019 #1

Date In USA Format?

Ultimate subscriber
Can Bankpipe date format be done in USA date format? Month/Day/Year?

I get a bit confused often looking at the default European date format.

Can this option be added to Bankpipe?
Shade 10 Oct 2019
For which services? Most of the dates should follow the board’s default.
Serpius 10 Oct 2019
I have my AdminCP set to the USA date format, but Bankpipe is still showing the European date format. It's for all services.

You can see this in my AdminCP screenshot. It's in the USA date format.


There are no date format options in the Bankpipe configurations.

If you see the Discount Code options, the date format is set to European date format as shown in the screenshot.
It looks like it's showing October 11, 2019, but really it's showing November 10, 2019 because if you click on the Expiry Date box, the calendar shows up and you can see the light blue day of November 10, 2019.

Shade 10 Oct 2019
The calendar pickup is a known issue. But, for example, does this apply also for logs? For the frontend?
Serpius 11 Oct 2019
It seems that the logs are showing the correct date format as done through the AdminCP.
Shade 12 Oct 2019
Yeah, so this is a known issue which will be addressed in the upcoming release.