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Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I announce that I cease all development and activity in the programming universe indefinitely. My career has reached the turning point I was not expecting for at least another year, leaving me highly off guard and without laid-out plans for this hobby's continuity. I have begun a 5-year residency program in Neurosurgery which is clearly not compatible, time-wise, with programming.

I gave in all my passion for developing, and you gave me back your loyalty and trust, even when I did not deserve that much. Now it is the time for payback. I release all my present and past work as Open Source software, in the hope some talented developer will continue maintaining and expanding my vision of a modern, sleek forum software. The intrinsic flexibility of MyBB is the true hidden gem of an otherwise outdated codebase; I do hope the project can continue and be updated complying to the latest coding standards.

I hereby thank Euan, kawaii, andrewjs18, Ben, Matt, Omar G., effone, Eric J., Devilshakerz, Wildcard, JordanMussi and all the other team members I have had the opportunity to work with when I was a MyBB team member. I thank Tomm M, my mentor, who inspired me to pick up coding with his piece-of-art plugins. And finally, I thank all of you MyBBoost subscribers who have helped me getting through my toughest university years economically.

Yours sincerely, Filippo

COVID-19 emergency: MyBBoost on hold till end of emergency

9 Mar 2020 Edited
Hello everyone,
I come from Northern Italy, where an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is causing an unprecedented health emergency. We are fighting against an invisible enemy which has led to 7000+ deaths and thousands of admissions in our hospitals as of 25 March. Our Intensive Care Unit beds are saturating at an alarming rate; anesthesiologists are starting to selectively decide who can be admitted into ICUs basing off the overall chance to survive resuscitation maneuvers.

I am a med student with few months remaining before being licensed as a doctor, therefore I am joining the fight against the international emergency and cannot develop plugins at the moment. I am sure you understand how serious the situation has become by now. As predicted, the virus has spread exponentially in the whole world; National Health Systems need everyone's cooperation and help where possible.

I will post updates once in a while in this thread to let you know how the situation evolves.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still subscribe or buy plugins?


Are you still able to provide support?

Yes, support is still given. A time delay in replies is likely expected though.

Are you positive to SARS-CoV-2?

No, I am in excellent health.

What can I do to help?

Follow your own government announcements and do not underestimate the virus. If you can, donate something to your local red cross or similar charities.


Watch out on your national news for eventual COVID-19 outbreaks in your area: if so, temporarily avoid unnecessary movements and crowding. Wash your hands often with soap or an alcohol-based scrub for at least 20 seconds. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.

Refer to your own national guidelines.

Useful links

Real time cases/deaths map:
WHO guidances and news:

Stay safe

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Hugo 9 Mar 2020
Thank you for your service and stay safe!
Seeker-Smith 12 Mar 2020
All the best and I hope we all stay safe and thank you for everything you do.
Shade 31 Mar 2020

Update #1

The emergency is not over, but new contagions are starting to fall. Hopefully, Italy has reached the peak of the curve; less patients to take care of means my contribution at the hospital is less demanding. I have been granted some days off, so I have already restarted on development, although quite slowly.

The following plugins are going through revision, and a new version for each of them may be released sooner than later.

ThunderBoard beta 6

After almost 2 years of struggling, ThunderBoard is back, although in a much different sleeve. PJAX has been replaced by Turbolinks, which does basically the same thing, but in a better way. Minify has been dropped due to unsolvable incompatibilities, and the latest MyBB versions already do a pretty decent job at compressing resources.

Due to the evergreen issue related to scripts, ThunderBoard now runs only between same-page changes: for example, if you are looking at the threads list, ThunderBoard will quickly load subsequent pages; or if you are looking at your control panel, you can switch between sections in a blink of an eye. A catchy loading screen will be presented, and thanks to ThunderBoard's own preview templating system it is customized and tailored to every site's page.

You can test the new, lightweight version of ThunderBoard here on MyBBoost: for example, by switching between pages in BankPipe forum. Have fun!

Hovercards 1.3

Hovercards is one of MyBBoost's flagships. A fresh skin has been developed specifically for MyBBoost; adaptive colors has been disabled with sensible improvements in speed and reactivity. The upcoming version includes the ability to inject your own JS code, so you can adapt the main card template to different situations: for example, if the posts number is 0, you could show a different language string. Hovercards are about to become much more flexible.

Symposium beta 3

Symposium has been working pretty good so far. It is still missing some crucial functionalities though: the ability to redirect to an existing conversation when trying to send a PM from an user's profile, which has recently been fixed; deleting messages; and group conversations. These are going to be added gradually, over the course of the upcoming weeks.
Seeker-Smith 31 Mar 2020
Do you sleep? I see the tremendous stress Italy in under and you continue to code. I only speak for myself but thank you for what I see as an amazing job.
Shade 31 Mar 2020
Yes I do ahahah note that I don't work, I am still a student; we have been recruited for some minor administrative tasks to ease off the more experienced (and licensed) doctors' work.
Seeker-Smith 31 Mar 2020
Well keep up the good fight.
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Omnipotent 1 Apr 2020
It's a bummer I was lowkey hoping that the circumstances would free you up to work on these amazing plugins and provide some much needed fixes and features to some of them, but on the other hand I am still glad you are helping with this pandemic so keep it up.
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Sama34 3 Apr 2020 Edited
Hey Shade, amazing site and resources you have here. I'm sure a little of absense won't affect the site at all and nice of you for donating the income for there is many people struggling at this worldwide, but specially in specific areas like your hometown.

Wish you the best of lucks on your endeavors.
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