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Coinbase webhook test failure

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Remote server returned an HTTP 503
Do I have to whitelist some coinbase IP's?
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Shade 9 Apr
If you server is restricting access to Coinbase, yes, you will need to whitelist their IPs. Unfortunately I do not know how to retrieve those IPs I am afraid.
Kalju 9 Apr
Cloudflare blocked it with a jsrequest, so I whitelisted coinbase, works now.
Kalju 10 Apr Edited
Coinbase payments are verified, but account doesn't get upgraded automatically, even after waiting for hours.
Only sent tests work.
Shade 10 Apr
Can you make a screenshot of your subscription settings please?
Kalju 11 Apr
PayPal accounts get upgraded fine, just Coinbase keeps displaying pending.
Shade 11 Apr
Are you sure you have whitelisted Coinbase's servers properly? Coinbase payments are verified through webhooks. Check your page hits logs.

Also, have you disabled ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY?
Kalju 11 Apr
I whitelisted their ASN and I have removed that from SQL_MODE. Do you know if they have more than one ASN?
Shade 11 Apr
Honestly, I don't know. My first guess would be looking in your page hit logs and whitelist each IP associated with coinbase.com POST visits.
Kalju 12 Apr Edited
It works now, I guess the previous payments were sent with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY enabled.