Coinbase underpaid handler

22 Apr
Create a new transaction for the user to pay the missing amount or create a discount for the user for the already paid amount.
Overpay handling should be a thing too, maybe a system for available balance.
Shade 22 Apr
A discount might be a good option for underpaid orders. The current method to handle underpaid orders is to ask manually for a top up payment; the other way for overpaid ones (you refund manually the overpaid amount), which would be tricker.
Kalju 28 Apr Edited
Nothing is shown on the profile when a payment is underpaid(doesn't even display that the user has no purchased items) and to find the account related to the invoice I have to look through the database manually, add a way to search for it instantly. At least the account is instantly upgraded upon clicking mark payment as resolved.
Shade 28 Apr
Yes, this can be added. Unfortunately you will have to wait after my graduation (read: All development on hold).