19 Apr Edited #1

Coinbase transaction not confirming

Ultimate subscriber
I was testing the subscription feature and had someone pay for it via Coinbase. The transaction initially showed up as pending and then later changed to 3 confirms and it's been around an hour since then but in the module it's still showing that it's pending.
Shade 19 Apr
Weird. This should have been fixed in the latest update. I will double check the package because my hosting is known to unpredictably reset from time to time which has messed up some packages in the past. Thanks for reporting.
Shade 19 Apr
The package is fine. Are you saying that in the transaction shows up with 3 Blockchain confirms? If this is the case you will have to wait until 6 confirmations have been issued (Coinbase will notify you by email when the transaction is final).
0x7Dark 19 Apr Edited
It has been 6+ confirmations and it still never added the rank to the user.

still showing pending.
Shade 19 Apr
After a brief chat on Discord, the problem was narrowed down to the board being closed. Despite it's not a bug, I have added this to BankPipe development to eventually bypass MyBB's closed board checkpoint in a future release, if possible.