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Changing "#" into like "$"?

Brenda Advanced 18 Oct 2016 Edited

would like to know if its possible to use another trigger for this, so instead of "#", it would be using like this "$"?

Thanks. :)
Shade Administrator 18 Oct 2016
Just a simple edit. Open jscripts/util/rules.js, find at line 57:

Change it to:

sicut Regular user 18 Mar 2017 Edited
This only worked half way for me since the parser still went with '#'.
In the quickreferences.php I had to change the '#' in line 201 to the new trigger ('##' for us) and in line 296 as well fo the restore function.

Our users just didnt stop using #1, #2 and so on for quick numbering :-/
ThistleProse Regular user 31 Jul 2018
Ahh, this might work for us. I had to disable the plugin, as the # was causing all our HEX codes to turn into links and breaking post templates xD
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