Cart Font Color To Change When User Selected Something To Purchase

8 Sep 2019
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I want the 'Cart' font colors to change to a different color, such as bring lime color, to indicate that a user has selected one or more items for purchase.

I asked the theme author of my current theme that I am using for my new website. Andrew from iAndrew themes stated this... "I think you would need some php and jquery code for when someone has bought something."

I am not a programmer or coder, is this possible to do in Bankpipe?

View the screenshot from the link below to see what I am talking about.
Shade 8 Sep 2019
This is fairly easy, but requires an edit to BankPipe’s JS paired with a CSS class to be added to your theme’s stylesheets. I am not home at the moment but will get back tomorrow.
Shade 8 Sep 2019
jscripts/bankpipe.js, find on line 220:

Add before:

Same file, line 211:

Add before:

Replace YOURCLASS with a CSS class of your choice. Then, add the class with your preferred styling to your theme's global.css stylesheet.
Serpius 8 Sep 2019
Ok, I will pass that info onto iAndrew.