Cannot see my own message in chat.

23 Jun 2020 Edited
This issue is marked as solved
Got this bug on one of my member and now on myself, I don't really know how/why but I cannot see my own message inside a conversation only the message of other people.
They do not appear in the source code of the page either.

EDIT: only happening in one specific conversation for now, other / new conversation works as usual.
Hüseyin Filiz 25 Jun 2020
I have the same error in my forum. A member said that he could not read the messages. Only a conversion had this problem.
Shade 14 Jul 2020
This should happen just for converted conversations, aka, those created before Symposium was installed. "Own messages" are simply those in the Sent inbox, and if you haven't saved them upon sending them, they can't be seen.

Messages sent after Symposium was installed are copied to the user's Sent inbox regardless of any setting, so you can see your own messages.