31 Oct #1

Can this plugin replace default avatars in forum posts?

Ultimate subscriber
I installed this plugin and it works great with Hovercards but it is not replacing default avatars in forum posts. I did click the link in the plugin list but no letter avatars.
Shade 31 Oct
Yes. Letter Avatars just adds the link to the avatar in the users table; posts fetch avatars from that, along with basically every other service and plugin available, so Letter Avatars is cross-compatible. If you are not seeing the avatar in posts, your theme might be to blame for.
RocketFoot 31 Oct
Yeah, I am running Flatty theme and it does have some unusual coding! I wish I knew what was up with it because it is a nice touch!
Shade 31 Oct
When I am back I can look into it, as Flatty is a widely used theme and others might stump across this issue. Shade#7731 if you want to talk on Discord which is easier, then we can post the debugging results here.
RocketFoot 31 Oct
Ok I sent a friend request (I think..LOL! I haven't really used Discord much)