Bump thread plugin

2 Nov 2016 Edited
I need a Bump Thread plugin for my forum. I found a plugin here: https://github.com/Sama34/Newpoints--Bump-Thread. That's working with Newpoints plugin and that is here: http://forums.mybb-plugins.com/thread-5529.html.

But Bump Thread need some update. It is not compatible with 1.8 or Newpoints plugin. When I install this plugins noting happen. I wrote to the Bump Thread developer (https://github.com/Sama34/Newpoints--Bum...d/issues/3) but I think he very busy. So I want a bumping plugin like that.

I created some forum categories and I created special (premium) groups. For example bronze, silver, gold, diamond. Then I created special forums. I want only premium users can open threads in this special forums. And I did it. But I want something more:

Can premium users move the their threads to top?
For example:

Bronze users can move their threads to top each 8 hours.
Silver users can move their threads to top each 4 hours.
Gold users can move their threads to top each 2 hours.
Diamond users can move their threads to top each 1 hours.

Bump Thread plugin do this but not working :( I want an plugin that is compatible with NewPoints and MyBB 1.8.

Can someone help me?
(Note: I am Turkish. Sorry my English. I hope you understand me.)
Shade 2 Nov 2016
Sorry, I do not support other plugins and from an overview of Omar's plugin it looks way too complex to be crafted or patched in a reasonable amount of time, which I do not currently have.

Request rejected.
hefnjosch 2 Nov 2016 Edited
Can't you develope a new plugin like that?
Shade 2 Nov 2016
I currently do not have the required spare time to accomplish this request as it's too complicated.
hefnjosch 2 Nov 2016
Can you fix Bump Thread :( Please that's very important for me :(
Shade 2 Nov 2016
I can't for the reasons explained above. Thread closed.