8 Mar 2017 #1

Blank Page on login link

Regular user
I installed this plugin last night but i have a problem, when i click on http://www.chiclecosmos.com/web/mytwconn...tion=login i get a blank page. Can you help me?
Thanks for this plugin :)

Shade 9 Mar 2017
Can you PM me a temporary FTP access to your server? I will debug the issue directly on your side.
poejanetwork 16 Apr 2018 Edited
for me it's give me an error

is currently unable to handle this request.
is this plugin support https?
any fix for this?

I think the error comes with mybb itself? because i tried in mybb 1.8.12 work fine, but in 1.8.14 and 1.8.15 it doesn't work. Can you help me out?