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ThunderBoard beta 5

Eldenroot Regular user 5 Dec 2016
I dont have any idea what could be added in future to get faster loading.

With smalltext class - thats really weird - cannot see it working properly (maybe it is affected by JS issues you mentioned above). I am looking forward to see fixed anchors and redirects (at least anchors, redirects can be disabled). Thank you
Eldenroot Regular user 10 Dec 2016
I would like to help you with testing. If anything, just let me know. I am looking for stable release (really huge improvement in loading times).

Thank you!
Shade Administrator 15 Dec 2016
The next beta version will feature an improved handling of optimizations which are currently ran at runtime. The automatic recognition algorithm uses too many resources and can slow down the PHP processing time up to 0,1 seconds, which translates into a (barely) noticeable delay. By processing scripts at installation (and template changes) the impact on the server should decrease significantly.
Eldenroot Regular user 15 Dec 2016
Amazing! What about anchors, is it something difficult to fix?
Shade Administrator 17 Dec 2016
I shall add a patch for that thing too.
Eldenroot Regular user 17 Dec 2016
That would be nice, because redirects and anchors are the last two things why I cannot use this on my live forum (users complain about it and report it as bug). However Thunderboard gives me about 40% faster loading times (I just need to wait for your fix for css issule which is not properly loaded sometimes).
Eldenroot Regular user 8 Feb 2017
Hi Shade - what about finals, all good? I hope so Emoji Smiley-02 can we expect stable build soon (or at least beta build with mentioned fixes). Thank you!
Shade Administrator 8 Feb 2017
I have fixed the redirection issue on the working copy, whereas I haven't looked into anchors yet. I have just finished setting up a git environment to shift the development to a local copy of MyBBoost, so it's likely things will get a lot faster than they used to be.
Eldenroot Regular user 8 Feb 2017
Thats great! Dont forget for js issue (you found it on my test board - css issue in header part)
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