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ThunderBoard beta 5

Tac Advanced 29 Nov 2016
I like this plugin and really want to use it on my board, unfortunately it's in BETA, so there are a few problems and it wasn't a smooth install. It isn't working over https, and when I tried it over http pages weren't loading. Also can you make an option to select the spinner you use on MyBBoost instead of the loading line?
Shade Administrator 29 Nov 2016
Hi Tac, it's likely I will push beta 3 in the next couple of weeks. No promises as my spare time is always few, but I've applied some good patches to the plugin and it shall be more stable by now. The spinner will be probably changed in favor of the current one used on MyBBoost as well.
Shade Administrator 2 Dec 2016
The main obstacle as of today in ThunderBoard's functionality is the automatic recognition algorithm which has an high chance of producing errors on custom themes. I've been able to rethink the whole procedure and opted for a low-level solution which should dramatically enhance the plugin's stability over custom themes.

Using a JavaScript parser, scripts are now broken down into tiny pieces. This allows the script to sort JavaScript not only line-by-line, but also letter-by-letter; gathering a lot of useful informations such as the scope currently analyzed, it matches variables in the global scope and puts them to the top of the script as it did in the past version.

This new approach should not mistakenly grab in-mid scripts' pieces anymore. It will need testing, but this patch brings ThunderBoard a leap forward to a stable release.
Shade Administrator 4 Dec 2016 Edited

ThunderBoard beta 3 is out

This is a bugfix and feature release.


  • Removed the bug report manager, which was faulty;
  • Edited the automatic variable recognition algorithm with a more precise one which should not strip valid JS code anymore;
  • Edited the loading indicator, dropping NProgress in favor of Spin.js. In the future, spinners might be customizable by the final user;
  • Added support for page-specific stylesheets;
  • Minor bug fixes.

Upgrade from older versions

If you are running older beta versions of ThunderBoard, here's an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to install the latest version:
  • before downloading ThunderBoard, uninstall the older version from your board;
  • download the latest ThunderBoard version, extract the .zip file, upload and overwrite the old files;
  • install and activate ThunderBoard;
  • enjoy!
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Eldenroot Regular user 4 Dec 2016
Hi Shade - thank you for the update.

It works much better than Beta 2, anyway here is my issues:
- there must be something wrong with the header CSS - I use my own buttons for log in/log out and register- CSS styles are saved in global.css. Anyway it is not loaded. Is it because I use fontawesome on my site? One more thing - for example default mybb css class "smalltext" is not loaded for total PMs counter in header. It is weird, I need to investigate more.

Another issues:
- redirects messages are not redirects automatically
- clicking on the thread name on the index doesnt redirect you to the latest unread post (same issue here on mybboost.com)
- CSS loading issue - when I click on something - it loads really fastly but first of all html is rendered and then CSS is loaded. So it takes maybe 1-2 seconds when the page looks really bad Sad 2

When I find more I will tell you.
Shade Administrator 4 Dec 2016
Thank you for pointing some bugs out. Redirects are still not supported, as like as internal anchor linking (last post, etc.). The CSS delay issue is quite strange, given I've worked hard to find a way to wait for the latest stylesheet to load properly before changing the content. Can you provide a link to your test board? This looks like a JS issue. Thank you!
Eldenroot Regular user 4 Dec 2016
I tried it on my live board for about 10 minutes. I will set a working copy for testing. Keep good work!

Are there any others way how to automatically parse "var" from templates? Do I need to change also for external JS which are loaded? Sorry for this question but I wanna make sure
Shade Administrator 5 Dec 2016
This new version adds a much better algorithm which should not produce any errors when parsing global scope variables. Needs testing - and your contribution will be crucial for this - but should work fine. Anyway, you don't need to edit external files, just inline scripts.
Eldenroot Regular user 5 Dec 2016 Edited
I can confirm same issue on the fresh install MyBB 1.8.8 - some CSS classes are just ignored (in header for example). About CSS loading issue - it happens sometimes, instead of spinner there is an ugly html output without CSS for a while.

One small note: would be nice to see a user friendly message about missing Plugin library instead of PHP error Emoji Smiley-02

Shade - what do you plan to add into Thunderboard before the final release? Except the fixes for anchors and redirects?
Shade Administrator 5 Dec 2016 Edited
I can definitely see the .smalltext property in your board btw, although I have detected an issue which I will fix in the next release. It's a JS issue which prevents stylesheets to load properly.

I'm open to requests for new features, but I would say fixing the last bugs should be enough to declare full stability.
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