22 Nov 2019 Edited #1

Beta 8 error

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I have a custom admin URL and getting this message when going to index.php?module=config-bankpipe

2019/11/22 15:29:57 [error] 1167#1167: *1004305 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare dd() (previously declared in /var/www/html/inc/plugins/jones/core/Includes/helpers.php:62) in /var/www/html/myadmin_admin/modules/config/bankpipe.php on line 71"
/jones/ folder is from MyBB Bot from Jones H. -> https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=1
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Shade 22 Nov 2019
Seems like an incompatibility with that plugin. You can strip out the dd function, it's used for debugging purposes only. It's in admin/modules/config/bankpipe.php on line 71.
ProX 22 Nov 2019 Edited
Alright, now getting a new errorr when pressing checkout

The server returned a malformed response. A raw representation of the response is available in your browser's console. Please report it to an administrator.

SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input
    at Function.parse [as parseJSON] (<anonymous>)
    at Object.complete (bankpipe.js?v=0.8:433)
    at u (jquery.js?ver=1820:1)
    at Object.fireWith (jquery.js?ver=1820:1)
    at k (jquery.js?ver=1820:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (jquery.js?ver=1820:1)
Shade 22 Nov 2019
I’ll check it out when I’m home.
ProX 22 Nov 2019
Shade 22 Nov 2019
I still need a test board as it works fine on my localhost. Possibly, this is due to templates not being updated. If you're still working on localhost, open your browser console, Network tab, click on Add to cart and open the AJAX request. That's what's most important as the error produced is very generic and does not include the actual output.
ProX 23 Nov 2019
I think I have found the issue.

Usergroup(s) allowed to purchase are not being selected after hitting save. It reverts every time to nothing selected.
ProX 23 Nov 2019
Yeah there is definitely something wrong with aid data table as it is not being saved.
Shade 23 Nov 2019
This is odd. I have double checked the code, tested upgrading here and on a fresh beta 7 install, and still works if you ran the upgrade script. What's the output of the AJAX call?
ProX 23 Nov 2019 Edited
The ajax is fine, you have the mistake in fast checkout code in documentation.

It shouldnt be paidids, but subscriptionid ssme as add to cart. Thats why it showed error because there was no id of product

But allowed usergroups doesn't work. Aid is int 10 in db, which cant be comma separated when you select alliwed groups