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BankPipe with Newpoints integration

codedude Regular user 10 Apr

I have a suggestion if possible in next versions to integrate it with newpoints so users can use this gateway system to purchase points as well. Also once it gets more stable will purchase it for sure!

Great job Shade
Shade Administrator 10 Apr
Hello, Newpoints is a fictional payments system, therefore it is not compatible with the recent changes introduced with beta 6 (that is, the switch to Omnipay, a multi-gateway payments processor).

Unfortunately this is not possible, I am sorry.
Shade Administrator 10 Apr
I don’t know what does he use but no, BankPipe is powered by an external gateway processor which does not include Newpoints (as you would expect).
codedude Regular user 10 Apr
It uses coinpayments gateway and the plugin actually goes into inc/plugins/newpoints/ folder
Shade Administrator 10 Apr
It doesn't matter where it goes, plugins vary considerably. The point is that BankPipe's main library does not allow fictional payment systems (such as Newpoints) to be integrated. CoinPayments is just one of the many gateways, and although BankPipe will not be compatible with it, other cryptocurrency gateways are supported by Omnipay (BankPipe's library).
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codedude Regular user 11 Apr
Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully, the stable release is coming soon.
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