4 Aug #1

bankpipe.php breaks the plugin directory (beta 7)

Ultimate subscriber
I've uploaded everything. Once bankpipe.php is in the plugin directory though, all plugins disappear and the page is empty. When this individual file is deleted, my plugins reappear (minus BankPipe). How does one fix this?
Shade 4 Aug
Do you fulfill the minimum requirements (the most important one, PHP 7.1 or newer)? Check out the error.log file as a descriptive error is listed there. If not present, ensure you have enabled error logging in the ACP settings.
Mr. Deltoid 4 Aug
I was really tired when setting this up yesterday -- I'm running version 5. My bad. I'll get that changed and check things out. Thanks!
Shade 4 Aug
No worries. Please tell me how it goes! :)
Mr. Deltoid 7 Aug
Seems to be working! Still figuring parts of it out.
Shade 7 Aug
Feel free to ask if you are stuck or can’t understand something!