BankPipe development

14 May 2018 Edited

Upcoming version checklist

CROSS MARK request refund from within the UCP, accept or deny refunds from within the ACP
CROSS MARK include required fields in PM. Requested by @andrewjs18
CROSS MARK add separate module for notifications. Requested by @andrewjs18 in order confirmation pm/email changes
CROSS MARK buy Newpoints as items. Requested by @ProX in Newpoints and Bankpipe
CROSS MARK user-defined variable amount for subscriptions. Requested by @RocketFoot in User specified donation amount
CROSS MARK Hide Bankpipe on ACP for other admin. Requested by @Dr.Jeet
CROSS MARK filter by item in ACP. Requested by @Dr.Jeet
CROSS MARK Removal of one item from cart show You currently have no items in your shopping cart. Reported by @Dr.Jeet

WARNING SIGN There is no ETA. Please refrain to ask when the new version is out. The checklist might not be emptied before a new version is released. A WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK mark indicates the item has been implemented and/or fixed.
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KingAlmond 11 May

I am looking for a good "cart type shop" for mybb and was wondering does this plugin work without minimal issues for others?
Shade 11 May
BankPipe is fairly stable, except for some minor issues and/or features still in development. That's why it's still in beta.
KingAlmond 11 May
Ok does this plugin allow for auto role, so if someone donates and it is processed they automatically get a role?
Shade 11 May Edited
You are describing subscriptions, which is one of BankPipe's main features. As you could see by yourself by subscribing here, you've been upgraded automatically to the Advanced usergroup. Note that these are not donations but regular sells, so PayPal applies a fee on each payment.
KingAlmond 11 May
Got it so if someone essentially subscribes for a pre-defined item, you can customize what role they get?
Shade 11 May
Yes, it just changes to a defined usergroup (or more than 1, in this case the destination usergroups will be added to the user's additional groups and the primary will stay the same). You can regulate your usergroups permissions as you would normally do.
KingAlmond 11 May
ok thank you.
encrypted 5 Aug
Another option I would like to see if a way to set up rules for upgrades. For example,

To buy tier 1 upgrade you need 10 posts.
to buy tier 2 upgrade you need tier 1 and 50 posts
to buy tier 3 you need both tier 1 and tier 2 and 500 posts or something along those lines
encrypted 10 Aug
Hard checks work much better now. You can still add the item to the shopping cart but it wont allow the purchase. I think with a little more work seeing it check before adding to the cart would be awesome but in its current state its still worth implimenting.