Shade 14 Oct
Yes, but still working on things.
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Shade 15 Oct
FYI many items in the checklist have been cleared during the last couple of days. The remaining most demanding ones are the notification system rewrite and treating newpoints as items.
ProX 16 Oct
Great progress Shade. What would be the ETA for next release?
Shade 17 Oct
Hard to set one. I’d say 2 weeks but my schedule is constantly changing so it might be 5 days or 1 month.
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ProX 21 Oct
That sounds like a reasonable time frame.
Shade 14 Nov
Most items have been cleared from the current to-do list. Rewriting the notification system is quite demanding, and might be shifted to the first release candidate scheduled after beta 8. This is true also for Newpoints as I need to perform some brainstorming about a modules design for future extensibility.

At this point, I'd say beta 8 can be feature-locked and released within the week.
ProX 18 Nov
Adding newpoints to the core, would that be less complicated? (As 9/10 users from here are using it, and 95% of mybb community).


Dynamically add settings when checked - enable mybb newpoints shop.
Dynamically create items and add their cost + newpoints to get.
Insert query statement after successful payment to user id + points.
Shade 18 Nov
Yes, that would be less complicated, but I don't want to include it in the core as I don't think there's such a high usage percentage, and having a module loader would ease off the work for future integrations as well. I have had some unexpected duties in the last couple of days so beta 8 will come out soon.