14 May 2018 Edited #1

BankPipe development


Due to university commitments, development is currently on hold till mid september. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

This is the checklist of BankPipe's features which have been revisited or will undergo active development for the next beta versions.

Upcoming version checklist

WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK separate subscriptions page. Suggested by ProX in Some ideas/suggestions
WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY is enabled in newer MySQL versions, breaking certain pages. Reported by ZIZ in Bankpipe Fatal error
WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK fixed Error when merging 2 user accounts
WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK username filtering in payment history can now include substrings (eg.: "sh" will match "shade", "shenanigans", "ambushes")
WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK add total revenue. Requested by andrewjs18 in revenue
CROSS MARK request refund from within the UCP, accept or deny refunds from within the ACP
CROSS MARK include required fields in PM. Requested by andrewjs18
CROSS MARK Hide a usergroup until user is already in X usergroup?. Requested by day-day
CROSS MARK add separate module for notifications. Requested by andrewjs18 in order confirmation pm/email changes
CROSS MARK buy Newpoints as items. Requested by ProX in Newpoints and Bankpipe
CROSS MARK add "Fast checkout" option to add an item to the cart and quickly jump to it. Requested by ProX in Some ideas/suggestions
CROSS MARK "gift to user" option. Requested by ProX in Some ideas/suggestions
CROSS MARK Add to an additional usergroup function. Requested by day-day
CROSS MARK Limit promo codes usage. Requested by Fanatica Greats
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Shade 13 Jul 2018
I'm sure someone is excited for this... Harry K.

[Image: ZtKToiO.png]
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Harry K. 15 Jul 2018
<3 Thanks a bunch! :D
Shade 16 Jul 2018
Front-end teaser... the coupon system had to be built together with the site-wide cart.

[Image: DLAAF1e.png]

This isn't a mock-up, but already a working feature. The to-do list is now limited to 2 things:
  • embed permissions to coupons, so they can be limited to a single attachment/subscription or user/usergroup;
  • JS part to add things to the cart without sending a request to the server every time.
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Shade 19 Jul 2018
Cart, coupon codes, download logs and buyer's country code have been implemented. Only custom fields required before purchasing left. I'm aiming for a release by tomorrow's evening.
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codedude 2 Jun
Shade when to expect cryptos?
Shade 2 Jun
Can't say for certain, although for sure not in the next 1-2 months as I am busy with exams.
codedude 2 Jun
Can't say for certain, although for sure not in the next 1-2 months as I am busy with exams.
Shade (2 Jun)
Damn. I imagined that you are somewhat in your mid 30s
Shade 2 Jun
Ahah no i’m 23 :D
Tac 6 Aug
This is a fantastic update. One thing, perhaps we could add some more Crypto providers, or even manual purchase verification without an intermediary. Coinbase is becoming increasingly authoritative over who they let use their platform, just as other payment processors have. Hacking/cracking boards as well as others risk being banned, and the owner would probably have their Crypto account closed as well.