10 Jan Edited #1

Allow buyer to select quantity?

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Is there any way to allow the buyer to select a quantity in Paypal? This would especially be helpful if/when user defined subscription amounts are added! Right now, Paypal wont allow buyers any other quantity than 1.
Shade 10 Jan
This would only make sense if your subscriptions would last a finite time (eg. a year), so it can add up as many years as you want. I can't see any other use of this. I can add it to the upcoming version.
RocketFoot 11 Jan Edited
Actually I am using Bankpipe successfully for VIP subscriptions as well as non physical raffle entry sales! The raffle sales is where this would really help me out. Right now, a buyer has to make multiple purchases instead of upping the quantity. I was hoping is was a simple true/false setting in the Paypal code but if you could add it sometime, that would be awesome!
Shade 11 Jan
PayPal is just a module, BankPipe works on an higher, independent level. Also it's not meant for physical packages, you would also need to issue invoices and several other legal stuff.

Ideally it's easy to let users purchase the same item multiple times, but I am not going to suit this to let you perform physical tradeoffs.
RocketFoot 11 Jan Edited
Negative...I am using it for non-physical items only. Not shipping anything!

It's not a deal breaker but if it had options for buyer defined amounts and variable quantity per package, it would be perfect for just about any non-physical application!