All development on hold

27 Apr 2020 Edited
Hi all,
my graduation is approaching. I have to make sacrifices in order to achieve the goals I have set and put the pressure I am dealing with at ease; development unfortunately is one of these. I am sorry to announce that all development is officially on hold till further notice. My graduation is projected to happen around July 2020, so I would say it might be a reasonable date to return operating at full capacity here.

I will continue to provide support eventually, but delays up to 1-2 days are likely.

If you want to purchase existing plugins – most if not all are stable, including betas – you still can. Beware though, you will not receive support as promptly as usual.

In the meantime, I shall thank all my subscribers for their fundamental economic support provided through the years. If I am inches close to become a doctor, I owe you to some extent.


I am now a M.D.. I will be unavailable for work until mid-October due to important business I have to take care of to pursue my future career. All development is still on hold – except for minor adjustments to existing plugins which are applied slowly.

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Darth-Apple 28 Apr 2020
Many thanks for the hard work on your plugins. Graduation is more important, and I truthfully don't know how you found the time to write all of these on top of the burdens of school. I deal with this myself. My graduation nears as well.

Congrats on your degree, and take care of yourself in the days that come! :)
Shade 28 Apr 2020
Thank you! MyBBoost and its plugins are the result of years of development, it seems a lot but it's really not that much. Congrats on your degree as well!
Seeker-Smith 28 Apr 2020
Dr.Jeet 3 Jun 2020
Yes, I know. It is very difficult to pass a medical examination without proper reading.
All the best for your exam.
honger 31 Jul 2020
Hey Shade, how was your graduation? Unless it didn't take place because of the virus.
Shade 31 Jul 2020
Hi, thanks for asking, I graduated and I am now a fully licensed M.D..
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