Alert Modal Read/Delete Buttons

31 Oct 2019
This issue is marked as solved
Shade, this is kinda unrelated to the plugin but can I get a peek at your Alert Modal Content template or can you help me figure out how you got the read/delete check mark and X in there?
Eldenroot 6 Nov 2019
Yeah, I am lost with that... :(
RocketFoot 6 Nov 2019
Still no luck? I am not super skilled with code but I compared line by line to mine and it looks good! I can't see anything out of line. We need another set of eyes to check it out.
Eldenroot 6 Nov 2019 Edited
Guys, just a quick technical question - all what I need for read/delete AJAX is this part of code in myalerts.php file? I am trying to catch up the latest GitHub MyAlerts code.

if ($mybb->get_input('action') == 'myalerts_mark_read') {
        header('Content-Type: application/json');

        $id = $mybb->get_input('id', MyBB::INPUT_INT);
        $userId = (int) $mybb->user['uid'];

        $toReturn = array();

        if ($id > 0) {
            if (!verify_post_check($mybb->get_input('my_post_key'), true)) {
                $toReturn = array(
                    'errors' => array($lang->invalid_post_code),
            } else {

                $toReturn = array(
                    'success'  => true
        } else {
            $toReturn = array(
                'errors' => array($lang->myalerts_error_alert_not_found),

        echo json_encode($toReturn);
Shade 6 Nov 2019
That’s just the backend code. You also need to alter the frontend JS accordingly. Also, that’s just for marking alerts as read.
Eldenroot 6 Nov 2019
I know Shade, I get it working, now I am going to tidy up a code little bit.
RocketFoot 8 Nov 2019
One more question, Shade...where did you change the width of the popup modal? I can't seem to find it??
Shade 8 Nov 2019
I use my own modal, it’s not the default one. It’s probably possible to change the width for all modals in the JS module if CSS changes are not effective, but I can’t really tell now as I am not using it.
Eldenroot 8 Nov 2019
It is in myalerts modal template - width

Or just use CSS in your global.css to use your desire width