12 Mar #1

Age requirement?

Ultimate subscriber
I have a minimum age requirement of 18 on my site. Is that going to be an issue with this plugin and the social media sites?
Shade 12 Mar
Flyover cannot know the age of a person registering; the birthday year is too unreliable and variable between different providers to restrict it on Flyover's side. However, I am quite sure you can add a filter on most providers applications to restrict access to underage people.

If you still want to add a checkpoint on your site and prevent underage people from registering, Flyover can handle custom profile fields in the registration page (flyover_register_extrafields); the code is copied from the stock MyBB core, so all you have to do is create the field and validate it with a proper regex (eg.: birth year less than 2001, age more than 17, etc.).
Seeker-Smith 12 Mar
Thanks. All the best!