ACP warning

14 Nov 2015 Edited
This issue is marked as solved
Hi Shade,

I installed on my localhost to test,and got this error:



1.8.6 install.
Shade 14 Nov 2015 Edited
Hi leefish and thank you for purchasing Flyover.

Thank you for the report. That's quite odd as it worked fine in my tests on 1.8 installations. For a temporary patch, try to configure a provider from the dedicated module under Configuration > Flyover. That should populate the array which produces that error. However, since I added a check for its emptiness, it should show an inline error message instead. I will investigate though.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: please note that the issue is not affecting the plugin's functional part, as it just appears in the ACP.
leefish 14 Nov 2015
Shade - yes that is correct. It does work but I am also having some issues with the loginbox html. Its empty in the templates and so does not show in my default theme tests.
Shade 14 Nov 2015
It is empty even in the .html files in /inc/plugins/Flyover/templates? If that's the case, I might have forgotten to upload the right file, or it has been corrupted during the transfer. I am currently away from home but I will update it once I get back.

Sorry again for the multiple inconveniences. The hosting I am currently subscribed to is too unreliable and can produce such errors when it comes to uploading things. I will mobe to a more reliable one once I get enough subscriptions to afford one.

leefish 14 Nov 2015
Its ok, I just wanted to try and help with the reports. Yea, the html file was empty too.
Shade 15 Nov 2015
Solved. Here's the html if you want to add it to the file without downloading the entire package again (file login_box.html):

    <td class="trow2" style="text-align: center" colspan="2">
    <td class="trow1 flyover" style="text-align: center" colspan="2">
leefish 15 Nov 2015
Thanks Shade, that is working great now. I downloaded a set of options just for my test board; I will be able to download another set later for my real board right? I have three boards total where I see myself as the owner (I dont see myself as the owner of sites I admin for and wont provide this plugin for free to those boards) - can I run the plugin on all 3 boards which I own?
Shade 15 Nov 2015
Of course you can. Glad that everything is working fine!