ACP log issue and Subscription page issue

9 Jul
This issue is marked as solved
1....In ACP, In log below entry seen and remain same for forever. No date changed.
Why it appears, I don't know.
How guest able to see even we have disabled it.

2....Subscription page ton guest.
It show upgrade to unlock to guest.
It must show Login to upgrade.
Shade 14 Jul
The first issue is known and under active investigation. Unfortunately, these logs come up from webhooks which are quite hard to debug and test.

As for the second one, you can easily adapt your templates adjusting the label for guests. Use template conditionals plugin, and use something like the following piece of code in bankpipe_subscriptions_subscription_not_allowed:

<if !$mybb->user['uid'] then>Login to upgrade<else>{$lang->bankpipe_subscriptions_upgrade_to_unlock}</if>
Dr.Jeet 14 Jul
Thanks Shade.
Dr.Jeet Yesterday, 21:48
Dear Shade, Issue 1 is still in beta11...Is there any chance to fix it?
It creating still..I don't know how and why?
Thank you.
Shade Yesterday, 22:34
It’s probably a trail from PayPal webhooks. It’s harmles anyway.