A new frontpage is now available

27 Mar 2020 Edited
Hi everyone,
quick post to announce that a new frontpage is now available PARTY POPPER You probably have already experienced it as it dominates the scene.

I have had this showcase-like concept in mind for a while and today I've had a day off to polish it and finish it off. Information is crystal clear and neater than the prior version; the arrangement is minimal but informative enough to me. I am quite satisfied with the final result, and I hope you are too: if you want to leave a feedback, post a reply under this thread! More items for registered users will be added when I will have more time to dedicate the theming part of the site.

Whisper has been moved into the Free plugins and themes zone; the testing zone has been deleted, I am still uncertain if I will provide another one as the whole site now serves as a live testing for most of available plugins.

The development zone will be filled with to-do projects and the order will reflect the actual priority. Plugins prices, if applicable, will be discussed in the relevant threads with each plugin's applicant.

As a side note, dark mode has been enabled by default for everyone, guests included. You can switch back anytime to day mode from the footer or the top right quick menu if you are registered.
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The theme is private and specifically designed for MyBBoost. It’s not available to the public and never will due to its intrinsic complexity.
Shade (13 Jan)
thanks for information. So do you have any similar themes to recommend?