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On how many domains can I use your plugins?

As many as you like, provided you directly manage those domains. Resell and redistribution by any means is not permitted. By redistributing paid resources you are hurting yourself in two ways: first, you would lower my motivation to create and support high quality plugins; and second, you will be banned and your access to support and future updates will be lost, forever. An heavy price to pay. So why even bother?

What's "new plugins access"?

When a new plugin is created and published it follows 3 major steps which ensures an high quality experience enjoyable by everyone:

Some unexpected issues can prejudicate the plugin's functionalities, without harms to other MyBB functions or plugins. New functionalities are expected to be added.
Release candidate
Minor flaws may cause unexpected PHP warnings or other issues irrelevant for the plugin's routines to successfully complete. No new functionalities are added during RC phase.
Subminor bugs which have not been reported during the other testing phases may occur, and are fixed as soon as possible. The plugin is expected to work on the latest MyBB releases and the latest PHP versions. New functionalities can be requested and added accordingly.

Every subscription plan holds increasing rights to access plugins as they become available. For example, Ultimate gives you access to beta phase plugins, while with Advanced you might need to wait RC phase to grab them. Also note that if a plugin is marked with an under a subscription plan, it will not be available even in the Release phase and you will need to upgrade in order to download it.


If you purchase a plan other than Ultimate, you will receive an instant discount for higher plans equal to your purchased subscription's price. For example, if you buy the Basic plan you will be able to upgrade to Advanced for 15€ instead of 25€ or to Ultimate for 30€ instead of 40€. Every now and then, discount codes for either subscriptions or single items will be distributed through mailing lists, for which you will receive a notification if eligible.

Single purchases

You can purchase plugins singularly, although it is not recommended due to affordable subscriptions plans. All single-items purchases have a lifetime duration with access to all updates; the same subscription policies apply, including 30-day refund if not satisfied and quality, priority support.